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Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

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Produced in conjunction with the Ship Operations Cooperative Program, this product relies on rich media to illustrate safe working practices, effective human relationships, fundamentals of communication and chain of command, emergency procedures and pollution prevention. It utilizes dramatized scenarios that produce emotionally-based comprehension of the subject matter. Like the other components of the Onboard Basic Safety Training Program, it consists of a video training course, an audio-visual test and a Workbook.

The companion Interactive Test enables the viewer to measure his or her comprehension of the subject matter with an interactive testing interface that relies on the memory-enhancing power of video to build retention and anchor the training messages. The result is a win-win-win. The crewmember has a high likelihood of achieving a passing score and a Certificate of Achievement for his or her personal file. The employer demonstrates that its personnel are retaining vital information and obtains statistical confirmation that its training efforts are working. Auditors see conclusive evidence that the employer is doing its job.

Content is organized into three segments.

Part 1

• How to Use This Program
• Signing On
• Ship Familiarization
• Alarms
• Abandon Ship
• Fire
• Man Overboard
• Medical Emergencies
• Training, Drills & Assessment
• On the Job Safety

Part 2

• Cargo Operations
• Mooring
• Back Care
• Interior Spaces
• Pollution Prevention
• Communication
• Human Relationships
• Valuing Diversity
• Zero Tolerance

To maximize the training value of the Personal Safety & Social Responsibility Learning Management System, crew members should be assigned to watch Personal Safety & Social Responsibility Parts 1 & 2, then review the content in the Workbook, which offers the same training messages in pictorial form.

There are two options for measuring comprehension. The video training course includes an audio visual practice test. Crew members should be invited to test themselves as often as they like before being assigned to take the Interactive Test that represents a formal measure of crew comprehension.

The Interactive Test interface offers testing, scoring, certification and data tracking. It is available as an internet stream or an application that can be installed on the ship's computer. It breaks the training content into segments that incorporate short video clips, each with a companion quiz and glossary. Each quiz generates answers to the multiple choice or true/false questions in random order to eliminate test fraud. The Interface scores and certificates each test event, and maintains a history test performance that can be exported to an external database. Click the link at the top of the page for a demonstration. DVD-Video. Parts 1-2, 33:57. Test, 18:50.

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Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

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